The 36 Minor Constellations correspond to the 36 Minor Arcana in the C. C. Zain system. These are basically the same as the Aratea, in its Carolingian form,  as it appeared in about the 8th century. The material is collected by C.C. Zain in his book Spiritual Astrology available  at


Samten de Wet,  March 29, 2005

The 36 Decans Constellations Minor Arcana are:


      01            TRIANGULUM - A triangle with point upward.

      02            ERIDANUS - A river whose waters confer youth and immortality.

      03            PERSEUS - A warrior in the cause of right, with wings on his feet, and bearing a sword, helmet and shield.

      04            LEPUS - A hare running timidly away.

      05            ORION - A hunter armed with a huge club, fighting with an infuriated bull.

      06            AURIGA - A charioteer who drives his steeds with one hand and with the other protects a mother goat and her kids.

      07            URSA MINOR - A small bear which travels backwards, and whose long,  unbearlike tail touches the pole star.

      08            CANIS MAJOR - A large dog which sits up and watches closely for orders from his master, the hunter.

      09            URSA MAJOR - A huge bear that travels about the pole, but does not touch  the pole star.

      10            CANIS MINOR - A little, yapping, treacherous cur.

      11            HYDRA - A huge water-serpent which extends its length a third of the way  around the celestial sphere, all the way to Scorpio.

      12            ARGO - A ship that carries its crew across the tempestuous sea to safety.

      13            CRATER - A fiery furnace inverted so that the fire it contains pours out upon the earth.

      14            CENTAURUS - - A creature with the body of a man, armed with a spear, upon the point of which is impaled a wolf.

      15            CORVUS - - A raven with wings outspread, making a noisy meal from the  back of the water-serpent.

      16            BOOTES - A husband-man, who with upraised whip scourges the Great Bear  about the pole, and in his other hand a grapevine.

      17            HERCULES - - A hero who crushes the head of the Dragon under his feet,  and with his hand grasps the apples of Hesperides.

      18            CORONA BOREALIS - A crown of twelve iron spikes, in front of which a serpent threatens to strike.

      19            SERPENS - A serpent about to strike.

      20            DRACO - A dragon coiling its length about the pole-star.

      21            LUPUS - - A wolf pierced and dying on the spear of Centaurus.

      22            OPHIUICHUS - A man who wrestles with Serpens, the serpent.

      23             ARA - An altar from which arises the smoke of burnt sacrifice.

      24            CORONA AUSTRALIS - A laurel crown of triumph.

      25            LYRA - A harp of seven strings.

      26            AQUILA - An eagle bearing aloft in its talons a young man.

      27            SAGITTA - An arrow in full flight.

      28            CYGNUS - A swan flying swiftly southward.

      29            DELPHINUS - A dolphin that has come to the surface to breathe.

      30            PISCES AUSTRALIS - A fish drinking the water that flows from the urn of  Aquarius.

      31            EQUULEUS - The head of a horse with flowing mane.

      32            PEGASUS - A winged horse that soars upward.

      33            CETUS - A gigantic whale-like monster.

      34            CEPHUS - A king with upraised scepter and whose crown is surmounted by seven globes.

      35            ANDROMEDA - A princess chained to a rock by the sea.

      36            CASSIOPEA - A queen sitting on a throne clasping in one hand a braid of  her hair.



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