"Truth is a shining goddess, always veiled, always distant, never wholly approachable, but worthy of all the devotion of which the human spirit is capable."

Bertrand Russell

(From "University Education", Fact and Fiction [London: Allen & Unwin, 1961])

But the truth is that from which nothing can be missing, to which nothing can be added, nay more, to which nothing can be opposed. . . . The truth therefore is a great strength and an impregnable fortress . . . an unconquerable pledge to them that possess it. In this citadel is contained the true and undoubted stone and treasure of the philosophers, which is not eaten into by moths, nor dug out by thieves, but remaineth for ever when all things else are dissolved, and is appointed for the ruin of many, but for the salvation of others. This is a thing most worthless to the vulgar, spurned above all things and hated exceedingly, yet it is not hateful but lovable, and to philosophers precious above gems.

Gerard Dorn,  Theatr. chem., I, p. 266. In: Jung, C.G. M.C. p. 271, note 47.

"…a belief that alll important ruths are cryptic…Wind, Pagan, p. 204.

An example of embeddded or cryptic truths:

Eliade, Metals:

The Emerald in Sanscrit is:

"…born from rock…"

It is the petra genetrix.

In the Parzival, the Graal is a Stone, and more precisely an Emerald, and is therefore, also born from rock. PETRA.

This makes us think of Mithras,who was born from rock, another example of petra genetrix. Mithraic rites were performed in underground caves, suggested in both the "brothers", the initiates of Harran, and the Bretherin of Purity..through to the Free Masons Confraternities.

Why should truth be cryptic? In the same way that if we have lived in the dark, to enter into the bright mid-day sun, would be disasterous for the eyes. Likewise, after an eye operation, caution is necessary once the bandages are removed. We wear tinted glasses to gaze at an eclipse.

  Recently, when we gathered at Montebello, to commemorate a plaque to Peter Kantey, Joan Kantey was saying that she wanted to write her memoirs, but did not know how to go about it. I suggested, that she wrote the memories of her life, as letters to her children or her grandchildren. For after all, sitting down at a desk with a pen, or in front of a computer, is so less human, than a living stream of communication from one person to another.

  Almost at the same time, I received a letter from Jennifer Ferguson, the Singer, in which she writes:

  I write this to you, as I haven't been able to word all this for a long time. So thank you for giving me the impulse and space. I trust our bond, and have great love and respect for all the wonderful work you do, Samten...weaving the threads of connection in our often dissipated world.

  What I think is so wonderful about these gifted words, is that we give one another the space to word what is difficult to word in the coldness of the solitary condition. Joan and Jennifer lead me to admit to the same failings. I write better when I am writing to someone, and not when I am writing just for the sake of writing.

So likewise, I can say, thank you Sally, for the impulse and space, to say the things that need to be said, and so on.

But to amplify this to the wider world, we all need to say things to one another that need to be said, but remain bottled up.  This is the process, which I think Jesus indicated, when he said: “The Truth Shall Set Ye Free.” Or words to that effect. Exact Biblical reference would be appreciated.

But what is this Truth?

Does this Truth only manifest itself in the stale platitudes, and moral clichés that flow from the Pulpits on Sundays?  Or from the Lotus cushions of the Rinpoches, Swamis?

Those spiritual certainties, which have long since been exhausted of any vital energy whatsoever?  Or, to take the matter down to a lower denominator, with those forms of religion which have become agents of genocide and auxiliaries to the total market strategy of capitalism? For example, the role of Right Wing Christianity in the genocides of Central America, and elsewhere, and so forth.


Tonight we had a conversation which revolved around how fashionable it was at the moment to trash religion, and yet, the truth of the matter is that what often goes under the name of religion, is in fact, actually trash.

What we have to see, is that there has been an ongoing process of inversion, in which the lie becomes the truth, campaigns of misinformation, that have shifted the focus away from the core teachings in many of the world’s major religions, allowing them to become, for example in South Africa, apologists for apartheid, or in Sri Lanka, for a Buddhist majority to wage war on a Hindi minority, or for Hindu’s to destroy sacred mosques, in the name of a resurgence fundamental Hindusim,  or for Shi’ite Muslims to wage war on Sunni Muslims, to the tune of millions of dead; and we will not even stary onto the hotbed of Israel – Palestine; or Al Quida; but we could pass briefly, the instrutionalized murders of Northen Ireland;  and dip into Bosnia and  Kosovo, when 7,000 men and boys fell prey to  Serbian religiosity.

And so on. Not a pretty picture, and we are not even pushing the rewind button,  where for the past thousands of years, genocide after genocide was waged in the name of Religion.

So I ask you, with tears in my eyes, what is the Truth, and how, will it set you, or us, free?

Did Jesus Christ say we should kill? And yet in one of the most heinious crimes against humanity, a Christian priest blessed the Enola Gay before she flew off to Hiroshima. And I am sure the same priest offered his services for Nagasaki.

Did Buddha say we should kill?

And so on.

So, on one level, I do not think we will have world peace, by meditating or chanting mantras, or prayers, or lighting candles and incense. The only Path to World Peace, let alone individual peace, is through the Truth.

We think that the opposite of Truth, is [for my purposes], that which is Not True, untrue, false and so on.  But this in itself is not true. 


Truth is linked to Light.


"One night, probably in 1880, John Swinton, then the preeminent New York journalist, was the guest of honour at a banquet given him by the leaders of his craft. Someone who knew neither the press nor Swinton offered a toast to the independent press. Swinton outraged his colleagues by replying:
"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.
"The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread.
You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?
We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes."

(Source: Labor's Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.)




Tibetan Lama who sticks tongues - find drop into: C-TRUTH.doc in Social.dir

The Warrior in the Shambhala Tradition.

The Gathering of The Tribes.

As a young boy, I remember that whenever my late father

tested a typewriter, he would type:

"Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their party."

I used to think that there must have been a reason that there was no call for the bad people to come to the aid of their party. That is probably because the bad people are so well organized already.

An old Tibetan Text, the "rDzogs chen Kun.bZang.bLa.Ma" explains the duality of good and bad in this way:

"If good, this body is a boat to liberation;

If bad, it is an anchor in Samsara;

This body is a servant of both good and evil."

As Buddhism points out, even Liberation into a New Spiritual Utopia is a very fragile affair - while the Samsaric equivalent of a Brave New World, furnished with apocalyptic visions of The Rapture Nuclear Holocaust; or a computerized enslavement of the masses, is also not much of an alternative.What do we have left to consider then?

"Now is the Time!"

One aspect is the sense of TIME that permeates the thinking of many contemporary visionaries. Words such as: change; transition; transformation; metamorphoses are very much in vogue. And the 'End of History'. It is a 'New' Age!

The 'New Scientists' such as Capra, Zirkov, Henderson, Bohm, etc. confirm that Matter, Energy, Space and Time paradigms have shifted and are shedding the 'old skin' of the materialistic world view. A process that is always painful and uncomfortable for vested interests. But the transmutation of ignorance and calcified illusions leads to a rich harvest of uncluttered space, in which to move creatively into the future.

As David Spangler puts it:

"We do not have to create a new consciousness; it has been building within us for ages."

Perhaps at any given time in human history there has always been a transmission of Millenialianism/Utopian thinking. In Factual terms, as in all natural cycles, the fruit only ripens when the conditions are right.The underlying dream is that Humanity will ripen - when the Time is right.Or, with a little help from our friends.

William Irwin Thompson said:

"To cross this threshold, to gain this New Age, is less a matter for action and more a matter of clear perception of who and where we are in an historical and spiritual perspective."

He adds:

"Myth tells us who we are, where we come from, where we are going."

A statement that would make most hard-edged scientific materialist cringe. Thompson asks a very vital question:

"What's going on at the interface between the esoteric world of planetary initiation and the more exoteric world of contemporary affairs?"

What indeed?

Extraordinary measures may need exploration in extraordinary areas of human thought.For example the shocked silence when I suggested using an alchemical process as a paradigm for a socio-political structure ( or was it a process?).

The pathetic aspect is that many answers that may lie in the wealth of what is termed 'spiritual' is automatically shouted down, shot down, and yet no solutions can be offered from those self-same critics. The search for solutions does not penetrate deeply enough into the roots of human experience. Taking each problem in its private context as if it did not belong to the same universe as the other - is self-defeating. In South Africa we called this dualism 'apartheid' - a word when used in wider contexts than the racial, will expose many 'divide-and-rule' tactics of our materialistic masters.

Undifferentiated intake; processed holistically will produce purer sensations and feelings from which to compute the solutions. The social transformation at best cannot be cut away from more ancient strata of transformation.

Now that we are seeing the unitary field of Gaia, this statement by Lama Anagarika Govinda does not seem so far away:

"From the beginning of human thought, the investigation into the nature of the world started from two opposite ends;one was the exploration of matter, the other the exploration of the human soul. Apparently these were two absolutely different things; but they were not so different as they may sound to us. It was not man alone who was thought of as being gifted with soul forces, but matter as well, (not to speak of plants and animals.) The belief in psychic influences of precious and semi-precious stones and metals survives to the present day."

Lama Govinda, p. 52.


And those who are firm believers in the ecocyclic view, including the Green Party - would harvest much from an alchemical text called 'The Golden Chain of Homer' - while in "ONEARTH" - David Spangler says:

"This is the world of the human spirit. Ancient and modern mystics and seers have spoken eloquently of the richness and limitless scope of this world, creative persons have long demonstrated its resources, and current research into parapsychology, neuropsychology and human potential indicates that 95% of our being remains unexplored and untapped. This world is subjective and subtle; nevertheless, it exerts an unceasing pressure of creativity, excellence, emergence and achievement upon us. The vastness of our inner being seeks to unfold, and that urging has been the mainspring of human history. Yet it remains so little recognized, explored or affirmed."

Rather than recognize any evolutionary drive, the media cunningly distorts and twists this into anti-social patterns.


"Each of us has a choice to make and may do so freely. The choice is this: we can, if we wish, live after the manner of the animal species, which ceased to advance in the scale of evolution and continued to live within the limits of their inherited automatisms, confined to strictly limited forms. Most of the time, we limit our conception of what we are by the patterns with which we fill our minds: our culture, our way of life, our traditions, our morals, our imitations, our ways of thinking inherited from the past, with which we seek to carry into the future. By maintaining all these attitudes - with the help of our environment, our churches and our schools - we are actually stifling and killing the human-to-be which waits within us."

Carlo Suares.

"We are apparently settling down into a prehuman sub-species."


Carlo Suares.

As we say in English, one can always sweep the dust under the carpet. But this is not the way I go about my life. In fact just the opposite - I lift up the carpet and look for the dust. And this does not make me one of the worlds most popular people, for no one, generally speaking, wants to have their carpets lifted and their dust exposed.

But, at the expense of isolating myself from my fellow humans, I do not think that the dust will go away. Their comes a time in both our personal and social evolutionary bursts, when what has to been attended to, must be attended to. This always brings me back to a great problem - and this is the relationship, or interface between the so-called person, or private spheres and the so-called public, or social spheres.Their is often an unspoken Law that these two must never, under any circumstances be mixed up together. This presumes a kind of 'apartheid' - and iron bar in the prison of duality which our so-called society imprisons itself.

But I think their is plenty of evidence, especially under the carpet, that the two spheres do interact.

Can I say that my depression and my frustration is merely a personal problem, or could I project my own problems onto the screen of the society in which I live, and lay the blame there? Here, I think, there is plenty of empirical evidence, that our materialistic society is not exactly a flourishing environment for sensitive souls. In fact most creative people that I have met, are suffering from some sort of repression.For this, read James Hillman on the repression of Beauty.

I think the aim of our investigation into these subjects, is to Read the Writing on the Wall.The Voice Crying in the Wilderness will never be heard.

I thin the so-called Triumph of Capitalism, actually should be read as the Defeat of Humanity. A society that is totally controlled and run according to Monetary principles has ceased to be a society in the true sense of the word. We can forget too, about making statements of concern about the increase of violence - this violence is already entrenched into the fabric of the Total Market Strategy, which reads as the violence of the Few, who have and want more, against the Many who have less, and will certainly have even lesser.As Frank Sinatra sang, 'The Rich get Richer, and the Poor get Poorer'.

Alienation and fragmentation are the logical fruits of capitalism, and the ultimate manifestations of the TMS.


It also brings to mind that strange story in the Bible, when God said something to the effect, that if 10 people could be found in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah he would spare the cities. And we know what happened.


I am not a man. I am not a South African. I am not a Buddhist. I am even, not a human Being. Somewhere, amongst the conditions of what I am, these factors are present, as relatively conditioned labels, existing often side by side, in time and space.


  We must ask them, "Why so many people should suffer in order for you to have so much?" And the dreadful fact, is that those who are infinitely wealthy are sometimes deeply unhappy as well. We think of Christina Onassis, Howard Hughes, the Getty Family, the Opal Family, the Kennedy's, and so on. Often they are all in analysis, or hooked on heroin or similar addictions that the gutter press likes to advertise.The human tragedy of the wealthy has been well documentated.So the suffering is on both sides of the fence, and for what purpose?Is it because, as a culture, we are only happy when we are miserable? What factors explain the rise of Sadomachochistic culture in the so-called developed world?Is sadism the final outpouring of a rotting civilization? And yet this extraordinary juggernaut still continues to gather momentum, the IMF, the World Bank, G7, NATO, the EEC, all totally dedicated to a systems theory that has long since ceased to be valid.Perhaps in a great cosmic biological sense, this is a route to self-destruction that has an inevitability. Perhaps this explains the Jurassic Park phenomena of a few years ago.The Multi National Corporations are doomed to extinction, just like the dinosaurs.As James Hillman said, Huge is Ugly.

Bata and Reebok and Adidas.


"There will be no peace without Dharma."

Why should we fear speaking the truth?

Is not Truth the fruit of the human condition? Our actions must follow our intuitions and if this upsets the balance of power, then this must be seen as both necessary and an evolutionary step in the right direction.

There is only one, great, central revolutionary Principle, as far as I am concerned, and that is TRUTH. Our society is fascist in structure, because we bind our groups together, using lies as the glue, and set them against each other.There are worse penalties than detention and torture for breaking the rules. Ostracization Exclusion, name-effacing, media Blackouts and Being-Effacing - structural absences, re-writing the history books, ancient lies, chthonic taboos nurtured and kept intact, even by the most progressive of so-called activists.

Everyone is talking about Peace. I for one, think that Peace is only reached through Truth. As they say: 'The Truth sets you Free.'Certainly our age will go down in history as the "Age of Hypocrisy." And Truth and Hypocrisy make strange bedfellows. There will be no Peace without Truth.

Instead of Peace Movements let us start up Truth Movements.And the greatest Liar on the planet at present is the so-called Media.The Gulf War showed us clearly just who was in control of the Information flows.

This takes us back to a classic observation. It is not what the Media says that is of any concern to us. It is what it ignores - that will go down as one of the most tragic monuments in the History of Humanity.Recently, CNN brought up the fact that there are complaints that TV does not show any "religion". How can it? It is dedicated to one Religion only - the God of Money.


As painful as it seems on the surface, there will be no evolutionary growth without the Truth.That means, that all those individuals who subscribe to the Great Lie, must accept the fact that they are collaborators, indirectly, they are managers of the concentration camp of the human imagination.And that includes, unfortunately, people who work in the Advertisement Industry.They are collaborators, and they are wasting their the potential of their precious social creativity on selling a product, for the profit of the few.

Only inhabitants of Darkness are afraid of the Truth.

Today this psychic Darkness is clothed in the Dazzling Laser light of high-tech advertising. Computer Technology, which could be used to serve the extension of the imagination, is enslaved to the purposes of the Total Market Strategy. If you wish to demonstrate the full ..of democracy, try and get access to this hardware. It is only accessible to Commercial and Military interests, Banks, Advertising Agencies and Intelligence. Margaret Thatcher had her image engineered by Saatchi and Saatchi. And she sold her soul to Philip Morris.Serving the interests of the multinational tobacco Industry.Especially in Asia.

The London-based advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi, also had two election wins in Central America, in 1993 April."Arena is an extreme right neo-fascist party..."of El Salvador. "Arena is the party of the death squads..."

The Guardian, Tuesday May 10 1994.


The Tibetan Lama who sticks his tongue into wound of dog and licks out maggots - then sees Maitreya.

Same as St Julian the Hospitaler who sleeps with a leper, who turns into Christ.

Compassion means cleaning up other people's vomit, sticking your tongue into a maggot infested wound or embracing a leper in bed.



Because we have substituted fear for faith, we can therefore accept living with fear as a basis of our society. From here, it is a short step to justify aggression as a necessary Christian duty. You know, the "Kill a Commie for Christ" sort of mentality.

Some of the most barbaric and subhuman actions are being done in the name of Christ.


I think that any love built between friends, cannot be true if it is founded on assumptions, or even partly constructed thereupon. Often, we merely dovetail our mutual assumptions into convenient fabrications, which we call friendship, and from which both parties can profit.

What, then, exactly can we call 'friendship'. I feel friendship is the most democratic process.

'Newness' = 'cliche'?

Re: Comment of Frank van Schaik.



A Note on the Vitrual Reality Film, "The Lawnmower Man."

Virtual Reality is not as yet, and may never be, an essentially democratic process.One could complain that strapped into a VR Headset there is no room for human communication anymore. But the same applies to a linear print experience when we are reading a book, or even more mundane, when we are having a crap.Likewise, the act of meditation, is not a social event, and Tibetan sages in retreat in their mountain caves in the Himalayas, are also not renowned for accepting invitations to the latest social outings.

Sadly, 'The Lawnmower Man' only led to a negative and pessimistic view of this power.The final scene in the 'Lawnmower Man' where all the telephones in the world ring simultaneously. Oddly enough, certain telephones do ring at that level of World Power and the result is that we have A Gulf War, or similar such displays of brute technology and economic might.


Barbara Mor describes her own form of Gnostic awakening:

"All the anger that came out in the fifties was because we had seen a clear picture of the world, and the world we lived in was wrong. You have that kind of anger, the anger of a poet and the righteous political and female anger all together. It felt good!"

"Nobody can outdo the Earth's art, the intensity of this haemorrhaging. We are living on a body that is being tortured 24 hours a day. Political action, social action, spiritual action is the only way to overleap this automatic process of co-option, degradation. What the system does is take great art and turn it into shit, so that you don't feel it anymore. It's a constant duty to keep intensifying it. This is what is happening. Even though our instincts are numb and degraded, it just won't let it. Things are at such an extreme point that you can't avoid it. You have to make theatre living in order to cure the spirit. Turn it up! Turn it up!"


This cry of righteous outrage, is very similar to what Piers, in `Prince of Darkness' by Lawrence Durrell says, of a similar creative tension:


"In the face of such evil, creative despair is the only honourable position."

The Books. Either they imprison the Mind, or they set it free. Liberation Theology. Liberation literature.


"A global strategy for Peace from the People of the Netherlands."