"The completely well-balanced person will not hit upon the arrogant idea that he must share responsibility for the crimes and sicknesses of the world, for its inertia in peace and its barbarity in war, unless he is important and influential enough to be able to increase or lessen its suffering and guilt."

Hesse, Events in the Engadine, p. 286

While undergoing a pessimistic gnostic rave and rant, that strange story in the Bible, came to mind, when God said something to the effect, that if 10 people could be found in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah he would spare the cities. And we know what happened.

The death of Edward F. Edinger, this year in July, and the Video Series:

Edward F. Edinger:

"There is no reason to believe that if society is to be redeemed, it will be done through the cumulative effect of such individuals. And when a sufficient number of people carry the consciousness of wholeness, the world itself has a chance to become whole.

You know in the Old Testament, in Genesis, [Genesis 18: 23 - 32. ]when God is about to destroy Sodom and Gommorrah for its sins, Abraham remonstrates with God and says "What if weíve got some righteous people in those cities, what if there are fifty?" And Yahweh says, "Well, then Iíll save the city is there are fifty." And Abraham works him all the way down to ten - "What if there are ten?" And Yahweh says, "Iíll save the city if there are ten." Abraham doesnít want to push his luck too far, so he stops there. But itís not beyond the realm of possibility that just one person might be enough to preserve the world.

I would suggest that you entertain such an idea, and furthermore, consider that perhaps you are the one. "

Edward F. Edinger,The Mysterium Lectures: A Journey through C.G. Jungís Mysterium Coniunctionis, Inner City Books, 1995. p. 326.

Over the past year I have been deeply interested in this story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and give here the version that I have been working on.

Where is the version I have been working on?

It was only later, after the basic lines had been gestated that I read the material by Edward Edinger.

Great minds think alike, fools never differ!

The one that can preserve, or save the world, the World of Sodom in this case. It was not the entire world that Yahweh destroyed ( though He was capable of it) but only two cities.

A Tale of Two Cities.