The Drug Nicotine 


Japan Tobacco, one of the world's biggest tobacco companies, plans to make billions from the diseases caused by smoking, through deals with biotech firms for the exclusive rights to market future lung cancer vacines.

Guardian Weekly November 15th - 21 - 2001



Sunday 5th April 1998, SUNDAY LIFE, p. 12: picture of Brad Pitt - with packet of Marlboro Lights in his left hand - Article title: "Pitting his pretty skills against the Himalayas."


      I Killed the Horse-Headed Gods, We Kill the Horse-headed Gods by Smoking cigarettes.

      But, since giving up smoking, the Horse-Headed gods are returning, slowly.



            Nicotine is a Drug, and it is highly addictive, so some experts say. I remember a second-hand report of a highly placed Doctor at a major University Medical School in South Africa, who only whispered the fact in private that nicotine is as addictive as heroine, if not more so.

            And yet, if we look at cinema advertising, we see a wold of Fun in the Sun, beautiful couples in helicopters or casino's or whichever site is considered "in" - Seville for the Expo, New York, Bermuda, the Frech Riviera. In fact it is not the tobacco that is being advertised, but the 'wish-fulfilment of the masses that is being played upon, in a rather diabolical manner. We will never see a cigarrette advertisement set amongst the starving masses of Rwanda or in the slums of Calcutta, will we now? It suggests an outstanding addiction to social-climbing.


            Another conditioning archetype is the Marlboro Cowboy - the "He-Man" on horseback and around the campfire, or The Camel Man in the jungle or white-water rafting. These are serious manifestations of the Male Psyche as manipulated by the Mass-Media. Again, some tobacco companies indulge in culture. This is known as "produce enhancement'. But much more lucrative is the link between Sport as Big Global Business and the Tobacco Industry. One cannot imagine how smoking could be related to sport. Especially powerful again, is the masculine relationship between the Motor Car and the Cigarrette. Fast Machines and the Power of Speed are excellent 'enhancements' to addiction. As a cluster of addictions, they define in classical ratio the territory of male chauvinism.

            But then, women smoke excessively as well.

            We have to ask ourselves to what extent this propaganda has affected us, and to what degree it affects children. For example, according to recent statistics, 3,000 kids start smoking in the USA each day. Smoking amongst 8th graders is up 30% in the USA. [CNN August 1995.]

            Now in the light of this, we wonder why Maggie Thatcher, the ex-Prime Minister is, and was working for Philip Morris. Wherever she went, according to a British Documentary screened last year - during her "Far East'" Tour - politicians changed their legislation on Smoking. Now that is a frightful statement - that a Tobacco Company has enough Power to change the legislation of a few major Eastern governments.