The printed, circuit of the computer symbolises the psychological knots upon which the consumer society, in metaphysical terms, is preying. Habits and craving are the field, of operation of cigarette advertising, what is termed, industrial psychology is an exploitative mechanism   aimed at a gross level of consciousness a samsaric coagulation, in the sense of samsara as bewilderment - and in terms of enforced social conditioning manifested through sensory media programming - or the printed psycho-circuit of habits and thought patterns.


Taste language is expanded through the gourmet - food as a subject of conversion, aim of advertising, Felleni in Satyricon - recipes and the tongue.


Sight language is cultivated through art and the aesthetics of perception.

Sound language through music. Symphony, this line of critical thought.

Smell language - through perfume and sensual use of odour in body language.

Feel language through the erotic arts, satins and silks.


FORM can be tasted and appreciated on a wet dry polarity, (dried fruit - ice cream) CONTACT: - I taste - sweet, sour, hot, cold. Light is form's main descriptive agency. CONTACT: - I see candles, boxes. Perfume is form smelt - fragrant - or foetid. CONTACT: I smell - nose. Silk is form felt, (texture) then the body is touched and experienced in a tactile consciousness. Pleasure - sucking, pain-hit.



The Mind - but not only the brain. In Tantric sense the entire body is unitively seen as a 'brain’ connecting ever finer force fields out and beyond, 'the body' as a limited relative, personal manifestation of John Smith and into the finer manifestations beyond.


See sGampopa, coagulations of Samsara page 11 note 19:-


HINGES as necessary in process, interlock and relations. Example, went mentally unbalanced we say: He or she, is unhinged.

Some of us are aware of the shift in energy that is taking place, has taken place or will take place. We may qualify this 'shift' by the concept of CHANGE, which we know is the Cosmic Status Quo. So to the Wise, this shift in energy is nothing new - is perpetual - is a state of eternal Revolution. CYCLES.

Birth and death are the fruits of space and time.

The river flows past in ceaseless patterns.


MUDRA - The Theatre.



YANTRA could be, on one level, seen as the correlating frequency, which even when analysed, has a vibration and geometric structure which is equal. Kubric uses the alignment of geo-patterns to indicate this fusion of the electronic-psychological matrix which exists in the mind of the space captain, and the radar representation of reality which guides his ship onto the landing berth. IMAGE.


ADVERTISEMENT - healthy, happy and focused on relative John Smithism.


It could be said that life is a process from wet to dry - here we are dealing with the psycho-somatic operational field of VEDAHA SKANHDA or FEELING in the sense of texture, feelings and reactions, such as wet and dry (tactile) pleasure and pain (bodily -corporeal) or joy and sorrow (mental-psychological) which are emotional feelings arising from inner causes.


A dry IMAGE can be said to be de Chirico, fasting, coughing, starving celibacy in literature the dry of Camus - The Plague - in theatre the dry of Becket - Waiting for Godot. Thirst in relation to skandhas. A wet IMAGE - Krishna on the banks of the Jumna, the moist, Dutch Little Masters still lifes, Ken Russell - The Boy Friend -   Wet in the sense that light is reflected, glitters, moistness.