88.  Mephistopheles.


[104] It is all part of the banality of its outward aspect that the gold is minted, i.e. shaped into coins, stamped and valued. Applied psychologically this is what Nietzche refuses to do in Zarathustra - to give names to the vitues. By being shaped and named psychic life is broken down into coined and valued units But this is only possible because it is intrinsically a great variety of things, an accumulation of integrated hereditary factors. Natural man is not a "self" he is the mass and the particle in the mass, collective to such a degree that he is not even sure of his own ego. That is why since time immemorial he has needed the transformation mysteries to turn him into something, and to rescue him from the animal collective psyche, which is nothing but [105] a hodgepodge.


     But if we reject this insignificant assortment of man "as he is",, it is impossible for him to attain integration, to become a self. And that amounts to spiritual death. Life that just happens in and for itself is not real life. It is only real when it is known. Only a unified personality can experience life, not that personality which is split up into partial aspects, that bundle of odds and ends which calls itself "man".

     The dangerous fragmentation is compensated by the "temenos” the magic circle drawing the  many together for a united variety performance.


[italics mines – Samten.]