Many years ago, perhaps in the 1960's  we were influenced by a certain idea in the novel Ca';s Cradle, by Kurt Vonnegut. "…a member of your karass."

"…a karass ignores national, institutional, occupational, familial, and class boundaries. It is as free-form as an amoeba."

We find that there are limits to the karass, but that any investigations to discover the nature of the work of the karass, will be "..bound to be incomplete."

The karass is thus a 'collective action-pattern.'

Kurt Vonnegut, jr., Cat's Cradle.

Hermann Hesse expresses a similar idea:

"Everywhere on earth there are people of our kind. That for a small part of them, I can be a focal point, the nodal point in the net, is the burden and the joy of my life."
Hermann Hesse, private letter, 1955.

Gerald Durrell, The Drunken Forest.

k    11/   a    1   /   r    20   /   a    1   /   s    21   /   s    21   /   =   75


This series of musings, falls under what I would like to term, estrogenic. The theory that existence itself is feminine, spacious, gynocentric and the male testeronic, androlcentric, is an evolutionary adaptation thereof.  

"D.W.Winnicot (1971, pp. 80-81) recognized the compelling importance of the female mode of "being" when he declared it an essential part of our humanity for both men and women. It is that part of our humanity that respects relatedness and empathy. It is a way that allows us to embrace ambiguities. It is a way that honors and values our world - both inner and outer."

Woloy, Eleanora M. The Symbol of the Dog in the Human Psyche, A Study of the Human-Dog Bond, Chiron Publications, Wilmette, Illinois, 1990. p, xi.

This is exactly what happening amongst people whose discourses are solely based on the rational. There is an ongoing devaluation of the inner life.

Wolfgang Giegerich writes that: 

"…imagination and intuition…" … "…can only yield abstractions and never connect us with reality." 

[Wolfgang Giegerich, Killings, Spring 54, June 1993, p. 16.]

This is naked dualism!

THE 'OTHER'   Idel on the Other as demon. January 11, 2002.

An interesting slant on "other" by Moshe Idel, great writer on Kabbalah:

Thus one finds Adam (seduced by Lilith), and Solomon, whose "thousand wives" were regarded as a multitude of demonic powers, and Balaam, said to have had intercourse  with his ass.  These figures were all seduced into sin.  Sexual attraction, then,  becomes an explanation of the power of the Pardes, which one must understand but not be  immersed in.

 Why did this paradigm arise at the end of the Thirteenth Century?  Most of the  Kabbalists who used it lived in Castile, where there was a certain  phenomenon of Jews  having sexual relations with Christians, or, more often, with Muslims.  There are  discussions of this phenomenon in de Leon and others:  the fascination with the Other  is there portrayed as a demonic attraction.


Pardes: the Quest for Spiritual Paradise in Judaism by Moshe Idel


We are all looking for some factor to blame! Blame-ism, scapegoatism…


Now, it does not take one a great deal of effort to understand the Jungian idea of Projection. That which we remain unconscious of, we project onto the 'other' and place the blame there. Then we can destroy the other - annihilate it, and the problem will be resolved. But of course, empirical fact points in the other direction. But then, irrationality is a quality of mass hysteria, and it can be clothed in the garb of social justice, of political correctness, and can even receive judicial blessing.

We do not have to have a vivid imagination to see the horrific images of Nagasaki, Buchenwald, Hiroshima, children deformed from atomic experiments in the Pacific, or Russia - the slaughterhouses of the world.

Who do we blame, not for these images, which are well and truly buried in the present hegemony of the Image. Who do we blame, for the actual human suffering which they represent?

According to our ancestral iconography, the Goat has always been associated with images of Evil, with the Devil, with Satan. Yet we now know, the goat is Saturn in Capricorn, the Devil is the old pagan God Pan, or even the Great God Dionysus - and that the animal, as a sentient being, does not actually deserve the scorn heaped upon it.

In other words, we have demonized the goat, the Force of Nature, which it symbolizes.

The question of Evil - is fraught with ancient and profoundly difficult problems. It is easy enough to say that our particular culture, is drenched with the thick mud of dualism. Again, seen in a psychological sense, this dualism leads to a social schizophrenia - to bombings and flag burnings, and eventually murder in the name of an ideology, any ideology or creed - as each of the great religions presently has its hands well and truly drenched in human blood. Not to mention the blood of other species.

Not, as a Buddhist, that I can even vaguely subscribe to the Doctrine of Dualism, or as it is known in esoteric circles, the Great heresy of Separateness, sometimes, even as a fantasy of inner imaginal forces, I entertain the following scenario.

It seems, from the evidence, that there is a force on the planet at the moment, that is only intent on destroying the Earth, on destroying Life Itself. The evidence is overwhelming and basically ignored by the Media. i.e. Television, the Press etc. Which brings one to the logical conclusion, that the Media, is controlled by this very Force of Evil - and therefore silences any critical material on its actions.

Now if we look at something like a science fiction script - a text, or a novel - we have similar ideas, for example in 'The Fifth Element' of Luc Besson, The Dark-Light dichotomy in the 'Star Wars' Trilogy; the struggle between two cosmic Empires for control of the Earth in Doris Lessing's brilliant 'Shikasta' quartet of novels, and no end of evil aliens up to no good, as in for example, 'The Arrival' [manipulation of the earth's temperature.] To this we could add The X Files phenomenon, and its spin-offs, and the entire Alien Abduction industry, not to mention Roswell.

From one of the deepest layers of our collective mythology, we have this dualistic struggle between the forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness in the ancient Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism.