"It was said that while Saint Benedict built on the mountain top, the Cistercian built in the valley; flowing water has always been an intrinsic key to the secret of Cistercian sites, not only was running water essential to the material needs of the monastery, but springs and rivers have been associated with magical powers since the dawn of time and in the Christian Tradition streams and wells were always dedicated to the Virgin, as were all Cistercian Abbey Churches."

Harding, Fra William P. The Origins of The Order of The Temple of Solomon, R.I.L.K.O. Journal, 54, Spring/Summer 1999, p.10.

 "All the sites of the cult of the virgin are at once haunted places with a long, mostly pre-Christian tradition. Deep under the churches of pilgrimage there are in most cases vast cavities, lodes of ore, radioactive springs, or hot or cold springs. Who discovered them, designated them, and ordered that temples should be built over them? And why? In order to prevent man's graspingness from violating them, to keep these special places of the Earth untouched? We do not know."

D. Z. Bor, Master Stonemasons and the Light of Divine Wisdom, In: Opus Magnum, Trigon, Prague, 1997, [267-271].