The Inner geography, or meta-geography.

"Order is the vehicle of the world itself,

and the whole consists of order." 

Asclepius [39]

What, if any, is the difference between Order and Sequence? I would say "time" - because a Sequence of Events, takes place in an Order of Time. This entire cluster of procedures and Actions is embedded in Ritual.


Most people suffer from a deficiency of drala. I think that the popularity of feng shui in the mass media will help to rectify the situation. Also a dose of ikebana. To qualify, this is evidence of the repression of aesthetics in our culture, or lack of culture. The lack of drala, is a lack of aesthetics. Again, this can be termed: the unconscious - we are unconscious of the way we arrange our domestic space.

Less is more! But excessive clutter can also have its qualities. Baroque versus a Zen dojo, Japanese Tea House. These represent two polarities. For example. the studio of Piet Mondrian and the studio of Francis Bacon.

Order is necessary, but chaos can be creative as well.

To Gaze at The Conditions, but not to acquiesce in their maintenance, she said, as a pseudo-Venetian facade emerged from the mist.

Otherwise it is Back to the Quicksand and the glazing of analogical layers…




The Arrangement as in Ikebana, or Flower Arranging is not possible without sequential action, …