"…is dreaming an Ur-phenomeon…"

"It is possible that they are." Stevens, Anthony, Personal Myths, p. 173

Anthony Stevens, Private Myths - Dreams and Dreaming, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995, p. 252

"The survival of cultures, as well as genes, dictates that each generation must integrate old wisdom with new knowledge. This was the function of myths, ritual initiation rites, and religion, as it still is the function of dreams. Myth provides a people with its unifying metaphor, it narrative sense of owning a place in the story of creation. Religion provides us with a code of behaviour, regulating how we treat each other and the living world around us. The trouble with the present century is that we have not only lost our myth but have forgotten our manners. Too readily we overlook the simple truth that we are here as temporary guests of our Mother, Nature, and that, like spoiled children, we have abused her hospitality. She has made us a beautiful nest and we have fouled it. But her indulgence is not inexhaustible. Already she gives signs of growing restive, implying that we have overstayed out welcome, and she is contemplating means of getting rid of us. If we wish to stay on we must learn to mend our ways. Instead of behaving like hooligans, we need to show some deference and humility. This is the message of Lovelock's Gaia myth. Greater consciousness is the key, but it has to be mythic consciousness, informed with the intuitive wisdom of the dreaming mind as well as the factual knowledge of left-hemispheric consciousness."

Saccharine coated shit, the Poo Poo Platter, the mess of pottage.


"Young children in our own culture, like all preliterate people, are entirely at home in the world of magic and they make constant use of it. An interesting example of this comes in Jung's autobiographical account of his own childhood. The unhappiness of his external circumstances drove him into a secret world of magic and ritual - e.g. the manikin he made and kept in a pencil box in the attic of his father's vicarage, his fire rituals, and so on. He had a favourite day-dream in which he was the ruler of a medieval town. He lived in a fortified castle where he guarded a Great Secret from the world. This was a thick copper column. At the top was a network of tiny capillaries through which a special spiritual substance was drawn in from the air. Once in the column this was condensed and transformed into the most wonderful gold coins, which the column then discharged below." P. 171, Anthony Stevens, Private Myths - Dreams and Dreaming, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995.