Humanity's world view is altering beyond our wildest imaginings. Jung externalizes an aspect of this as the Collective Mind, the Universal Storehouse of all symbols. In his LSD therapy, Dr Grof discovered individuals with intense abilities to translate their inner associations with re-incarnatory patterns to 'complex and elaborate sequences of motor activity.' These manifested in particular as mudras, spontaneously assumed asanas, dance forms from various unconnected cultures; Bushman trace dances, African tribal rituals, belly dancing, whirling dervishes, Javanese, Balinese, Indonesian, Kathakali and Manipuri dance forms, all from subjects with absolutely no cultural connections with those traditions. The 'ethnic look' of alternative culture is another example.

Frank Herbert qualifies this in 'The Children of Dune':

"You can discover the future in the past or in your own imagination. Doing this, you win back your consciousness in your inner being. You know then that the universe is a coherent whole and you are indivisible from it."

From the holistic point of view, the Hermetic Law of Analogy, the `As Above, So Below' we can consider the ordering of human consciousness as an essentially Hermetic operation.If human consciousness is a microcosmic paradigm of the universal mind, what evidence or experience do we have to confirm this?

Certainly, the work of C.G. Jung and the subsequent Jungian school, has achieved a great victory in introducing the term `archetype' into scientific language. Another source of evidence for the ordering of human consciousness, is the complete research and publications of the work of Dr Stanislav Groff. In his book `Realms of Consciousness' his field of research is the LSD experience:

"Most LSD subjects have also stated that they experience consciousness of a particular material; most frequently it was diamond, granite, gold and steel. Similar experiences can reach even the microworld and depict the dynamic structure of the atoms, the nature of the electromagnetic forces involved, the world of interatomic bonds, or the Brownian dance of the molecules.

In the light of such phenomenological realms, LSD subjects often consider the possibility that consciousness is a basic cosmic phenomena related to the organization of energy, and that it exists throughout the universe; in this context, human consciousness appears to be one of its many varieties and outgrowths."

For instance, Groff found that we contain "...animal autosymbolic transformations", "Animal identifications" and "animal phylogenetic memories."

"Somewhere in the background of our ancestral memory we have a fossilized stratum recalling that the earth put forth great and successive efforts in order to engender beings that could stand upright. The biblical serpent who appears upright is the symbolic descendent of the great saurians of early geological epochs, creatures that occupied the planet for millions of years prior to man's appearance. This serpent is, then, the symbol of the most alive creature that earth was able to produce until a certain epoch."

We must bear in mind that the descendents of the great saurians are still very much with us, in the collective form of reptiles and birds. But rather than see these creatures as external to us - we could frame the entire context of the above, in the light of Stanislav Groff's 'Realms of Consciousness' LSD research, which indicates that we contain the saurian and reptilian, as a continuity of consciousness, within us. In other words, or in a reincarnatory Jurassic Park sense, I was a dinosaur in one, or many of my past lives. And so were we all.

Now to return to Suares:

"Nahhash (the serpent), carrier of all the memories of time, of all forgotten wisdom, now has the mission of transmitting duration to these two new beings; ..." &c.

Suares, Carlo, Esha-Hheva-Eve- Woman, Maitreya magazine.