2nd June 1998


Levels of Being

The Levels of Being -


And yet Nature is consistent in its ONE-Ness!


What is the cause of these outbursts of inner anger, that gush forth seeking a direction towards which their ranging can be directed?

There is always a polarity.


The Yoga of Non-Action; of doing as little as possible. I attend to cleaning the body every few days, a bath and a shave. Serving its needs in terms of food, sexual appetite (diminishing) and so n. A place to sleep, albeit damp - a place to be alone, or lonely.

Sometimes I just grieve for humanity.

Of late, I find myself over-reacting to the slightest disturbance in the daily flow of events. I am becoming a Creature of Habit. Lara/Tanya again at Cavendish Square, opened up a chasm of grief - at lost relationships and memories of Times Gone By.

The Pat Harpur Charade:- "Thereís just a small leak in the bathroom which Iíll fix up."

The betrayal and shame of showing people the room in that state. Not what my mother would have done to her fellow humans.

Then the PINE BED - and the transfer to Simone - which has set a wobble in my vibrational field - which impacted with the two randy schoolboys groping each other at Harfield Station - and the LACHEISIS - which I took just before - all of this in Gemini, of course.

Also, a lot of anger - and some violent images. When trapped, or only when cornered, it is said, the animal in us, lashes out, resorting to tooth and claw.

Unfinished Business.

The micro-reality.

This also applies, to children who die. And it follows logically, that even the aborted foetus has a life of a sort - for the duration of its stay in the womb, which we should respect where possible.

Time is relative. My life has flashed past - and myriad points of light in the great cosmic life span - like glow worms, or fireflies, remind s us of the countless others who have lived and passed away, of whom we have no memory whatsoever, except perhaps in our DNA coding.

Yet each and every one achieved some form of fruition, no matter how humble. The thousands of hands that dressed the stones of the great cathedrals of Europe, or the Pyramids of Egypt, are no more or less valid than the river of mothers that washed and cleaned their children, and slaved for millennia over the communal cooking pot.



The Young Man on the Beach - whose ship sailed that night.

The entire fabric is torn to pieces and remains that way. We cannot, in the case of death, press the fast rewind button. There is no going back to wipe up the spilt milk. All we have, as Frank Sinatra sang, are the Memories.

Therefore, as Dukuza Macu said when he ironed his daily shirt - we have to keep everything in readiness. In Pristine Condition. We must always, as our Mothers warned us - have clean underwear in case...

Therefore, unfinished business has a living momentum that points to new forms, to continue the necessary Work.

There No Place to Hide in the


Some skeptics say that we have no proof that there is a return to the Stream of Life, others, have gathered evidence to the contrary.

Some of the great religions of the world have developed profound systems to deal with the Teachings on Rebirth and Reincarnation.

What is the difference between Re-Birth and Re-Incarnation?

Ask your nearest Guru!

I suppose, that in the last analysis, I return to the Refuge of the Buddhist Teachings on Impermanence.

Not, though, in cold indifference - but with budding compassion, and a sense of understanding...

Hope we meet in another life, and in some cases, I hope that we donít meet. But of course we will, for both Friends and Enemies, or even those who are merely indifferent to each other (perhaps the worst scenario of the three) are still bonded like a fly to the flypaper of Life.

The Wheel of Impermanence itself, will perhaps spin us back into proximity to each other.

Be Happy, and if you prefer, as some people do, Be Unhappy as well!

Love and Peace,




Evans-Wentz, in his Tibetan Book of the Dead, writes:

"Some of the more learned lamas, including the late Lama Kazi Samdup have believed that since very early times there has been a secret international symbol-code in common use among the initiates, which affords a key to the meaning of such occult doctrines as are still jealously guarded by religious fraternities in India, as in Tibet, and in China, Mongolia and Japan."

In C.G. Jungs "Account of the Transference Phenomena based on the Illustrations to the "Rosarium Philosophorum"

and in Stapletonís linking the Magic Square of Imperial China with the Numbers in the Sufi Hierarchy, we have two examples of esoteric coding.


Cold Cut Autumn Leaves,

washing-machine music.

Well, as they say, you can lead a horse to the water but you cannot make him or her drink.

It goes to show that one cannot re-create the original magic.


Later in the evening I realised I had a sort of pain, like a slight hunger that midnight snacking could not assuage. I was yearning for the Friend.


Walking behind Neil Solomon on the Station today - I could see what he has become from the back of his neck. A fossil of his former self walked towards the ticket style, a shadow of its former self.



I kept silent, but my silence suppurated within me, and burst out, years later. We continued eating the Take-Away Prawn Curry.

A note on the inability of South Africans to appreciate Umberto Eco.

The fact the majority agree to one opinion, does not necessarily mean that the Might of the Many is Right. In fact, in this case, it is Wrong.

In the midst of the floods of American "New Age" optimism, which always seems very far removed from reality, the following from the 'UNITY AND DIVERSITY WORLD COUNCIL' in Los Angeles, at least suggests an awareness of their own internal political rot!


"Implications of the political turmoil in Washington. The Unity-and-Diversity-World Council is a non-political, non-sectarian association, yet it is certainly concerned about the importance of truth and non-violence in the maintenance of a world society. What is now taking place within the Reagan administration is the result of a long period of movement into militarization of this nation and others that can only come into question of its legitimacy when the world could be destroyed at any moment should the weapons be misused. "

"UDWC's purpose is in basic alignment with the agreement worked out in India late last month between Prime Minister Gandhi and Soviet Premier Gorbachev that peace and non-violence must be central to the future direction of-humanity."

The meta-political considerations are necessary, as they are often the skillful means by which we embroider, or engineer a psychological condition - or in reverse - de-activate or de-programme a psychic condition, in the therapeutic sense.

i.e. in considering the universal cycles of change . we must have compassion for those brothers of ours who are incapable of replacing the old with the new - this nescience is also known as advidya - wrong seeing and thinking (incorrect cognition of cosmic processes), thus we must apply our meta-political perceptions to the situation as it fluxes - but when the .. sectarian differences...

Roerich, The Blue Annals

Somehow the ability to live must be one of the most tenacious of the human instincts. Sitting here on a burnt out balcony with a few stinking blankets and my fur coat as a bed, I am still registering sensation. I am still breathing! How strange it is to see the horror and shame that is etched across the faces of people when their accepted modes of thinking and living is perhaps removed from them.

I looked across his moonlit body onto the burnt out carcass of the building opposite. The futility of the concepts that were uttered afterwards. Concepts that with each utterance diminished in value. Yet as the car moved through the night I could still see his features reduced to areas of dark and light, the silver circles of the eyes.

In desperation I try to pierce the breath of sound that I utter.