Landscapes of the Inner Life.


sea. The circular line at the outer edge of the Salt Sea, I suggest, represents the sky at the horizon, a solid, tangible barrier composed, according to KAR3O7, of jasper, which was provided with doors to allow the sun to enter our world each morning.6


FULL STORY - CONTEXT: Govinda on ‘Forms’


 Lama Anagarika Govinda

"It is not for myself,’ the Spirit continued, ‘that I pray for help. I know that all the Forms which we inhabit have to perish - as even the priceless words of the Tathagata, stored up in these dust-covered manuscripts. But what I pray for is: let them not perish before they have fulfilled the purpose for which they were created; let them not perish before we have delivered the great message which is embedded in them." Govinda, Lama Anagarika, The Way of the White Clouds, Rider, London, 1966, p. 4.

THEME: Let not the Old Forms perish before the message embodied in them is released.

  The theme here is perishablity, or impermanence. We cannot deny the existence of Impermanence as the basis of Existence - but here the emphasis is "...the great message which is embedded.." in "...all the Forms.."

What are "..the Forms...?"

And, if Great Messages are Embedded in ‘The Forms’ - what is this Message?

Again, what is the modus operandi of the embedding?

In other words, Who embeds What in The Forms?


The Forms, we are told, we Created for a Purpose?

Who Created Them?

Or, What Created Them?


I think we can say that if The Forms contain a Great Message, this Message is Contained within The Form - therefore it is:



The Forms will, in the Absolute Flow of Existence - perish, they are perishable, impermanence is built into Them - but the Prayer is that the Information Contained in The Forms will be released before they perish.


Therefore, Forms are Impermanent Containers - Embedded with Information.

This Information is released, or should be released before the expiry date of The Form is reached. In most cases this does not happen. The Forms remain ignorant of the Message embedded within them.


In one sense, The Forms, as Information, as Containers, Vehicles, Embedded with a Message - are similar to the deeper idea of the Ark.


Robert Bly writes:

"The name Noah means, mythologically, someone who, when the flood of materialism pours in, is able to stay alive through those symbols that connect us to the world of light. Rembrandt is a Noah; Georgio O’Keeffe is another. The "Ark", we might say, then, is the ability to live a symbolic life, that is, to read symbols and experience them, so that ship of meaning - whose architectural plans are stored in all our memory systems - can save us as materialism floods in. "

. Robert Bly, The Sibling Society, Penguin, 1997, p. 194

Mammoths frozen during the Ice Age contained in their stomachs undigested seeds that germinated millions of years after they were frozen during the grazing days of those great pre-historic beasts.

As Above, So Below - likewise Nature produces seeds that contain the message of the plant of the Animal that contained them - or that launched them foreward on the evolutionary stream.