The Treasure Trove of Blessing of the Supreme Sage




This is taken from the Buddha's Sermon known as the Samadhi Raja Sutra, which is called in Tibetan the Do Tingzin gyalpo.

At all times, when walking, sitting, standing or sleeping, the moon like face of the Sakyamuni is to be remembered. Think of Him as always before you, the Guide: from doing this, then the great Maha Nirvana will be realised by the devotee.

Always think of this precious Buddha body as of gold colour. The great Protector of the world is the most beautiful of forms.

Whosoever even thinks of Him and meditates on Him will take the Path of the Bodhisattvas..

so it is said.

He, our Guide, the matchless one, the Munindra or Lord of Rishis... even meditating on Him brings blessings. This is the way to do the Yoga-visualisation sadhana of the Munindra.

First take the Refuge:

"In Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

the most excellent of communities,

I take my refuge until Enlightenment is reached.

By the merit of generosity and other good deeds

May I attain enlightenment for the sake of all that lives."

Then say the Four limitless Meditations:

May all beings have happiness and the causes

of happiness (metta)

May all beings be away from sorrow and

the causes of sorrow (Karuna)

May all never be separate from the sacred happiness

that is sorrowless (mudita)

May all leave attachment to dear ones, and aversion to others

And live believing in the equalness of all that lives (Upakkha).



We then look on all Dharma, visible and in our mind, and see them as being in their own nature unattainable, (i.e. void)..keep your eye mindfully on all this.

AH Birthless, appearing as Sunyata, empty,

Are all things ceaselessly manifesting

Together, not two, like Maya, a dream.

Before me in the sky, full of an ocean

of offerings, like the cumulus clouds,

is a Lion-Throne, all bejewlled,

and on it, on the lotus flower

in whose heart are the sun and moon mats

is the matchless Guide,

the Sakyamuni Buddha.

Golden of skin, glorious in all the signs

And symbols betokening the perfect

Enlightened One

Wrapped in the three Dharma robes

In yellow, and

Seated in the lotus position (vajra asana)

His right hand is in the earth-touching mudra

The gesture of showing His enlightenment

In pose most beautiful.

His left hand is in the meditation mudra

Holding the nectar-filled begging bowl.

Like a mountain of gold He is sitting

In a glory of streaming light.

The rays of transcending wisdom cover

The sky, like a net of rainbows,

and close to Him are the eight great

spiritual sons, the Bodhisattvas,

along with the sixteen Arahats, the utterly purified;

And around them all is the ocean of the

Holy Assembly of the Sangha brotherhood.

Meditating on His Holy Form, remembering him,

not falling into the extremes of the world, or Nirvana,

He is the bestower of that Great Bliss most glorious


Manifesating himself as the Great Being

Covering all with his mercy.

Then, really imagining the holy form of the Buddha, King of the Sakyas, in front of us,

vividly realising that He can be near us just as He can be far away,

in any place at any time. We have only to think of him. So the words of the Sutra (Buddhist texts) tell us.

Whoever contemplates on Him, to him he appears. He always pours on us His stream of blessing. He saves us from all bad things, so it is said, and to those of his devotees, who do regular prayers to Him, no harm can come, and the root of virtue will never become less. In the Sermon called Palpoche..the Great Holy.. it is said, by making offering to the Sakyamuni, by seeing or hearing His words, a great measureless mountain of merit arises. All craving and suffering encountered in this worldly life are left behind. This merit will be never-ending.

The Prayer will bring the attainment. In the Sutra Sermon called "The Vitues of the Paradise of Manjusri," it is written that all Dharma teachings are aids, and we should practise with full attention... it depends on how we practise as to how much we can realise.. leading to the highest non-dual realisation.



Buddha Sakyamuni, great is your heart of pity,

remaining with us during these dark days

To keep you near we make five hundred prayers.

Your name is the White Lotus

and even hearing its praises sung

we never return to the States of Suffering.

Guide of the Maha Daya

ultimately kind

before you I bow down.


From the Three Sacred Doors of the Body

I and all others pour

the all-good offerings like great cumulous clouds

...all our good qualities we

all the wealth we enjoy.


All sins and failings

accumulated since beginningless time

to the very last one

bring from my very heart

intense remorse

I am sorry for each one.


Celebrating all the virtues of the Holy Brotherhood

and of all men whatsoever

acquired through limitless lives

I feel gladness, and share all this

with all that lives.

Turn the Wheel of the Law.

(Of) All the teachings, profound and vast,

in the Great Wheel of the Dharma

We beseech you to bestow on all,

without stopping,

reaching the Ten Directions of space.

Do not go into Nirvana

Your transcending body is like the sky itself.

Neither in the past, present and future

Depart into Nirvana, but

Stay here, remaining with us

purifying all beings

manifesting for their sake

the act of being born, and passing from sorrow.

Show us always

the holy form of illusion..

the Tulku body.

Sharing the merit

Whatever virtues and qualities I have accumulated

through endless past lives

now, and in the future.. which bring merit

may this be shared for the benefit

of all beings, a multitude, wide as the sky.

And may the King of Dharma be glad

May all that live reach the realization

of the Palace of Illumination

in which He dwells.


This is the Dark Age, and I and all men

are without protection

Keep us in your special mercy,

bestow your kindness on us.

At this time and in this place

Whatever we see is the face of the

Triple Gem;

Whatever happens is your holy Karma.

Therefore cover us with your supreme

and matchless love

as if each one was your only child.

If I offer my prayers to you

One-pointedly, in faith, from ym very heart,

do not forget the Vow you made of old

the great promise

that of your mercy you would not leave us

until the very heart of enlightenment

is attained.

Keeping the form of the Buddha Sakyamuni in your mind, with firm and unwavering faith, and concentration, seeing him before you in meditation recite thus:

Guru-Guide, Bhagawan, O Lord, Tathagata (the Thus Gone)

the utterly Pure One (Arahat)

(Jina or) Victorious One,

Glorious Sakyamuni

I bow before you;

To you I make offerings

in you I take my refuge

or in Tibetan:

Lama tonpa chom-den-des

dezhin shegs pa-dra chom pa -

yang dag par zogs pi sanjay

pal gyalwa Shakya Thubpa la

chag tsal lo

chod do

Kyab su chio.

Say this a few times, as much as you can, and so that the mind of the Buddha may be gladdened recite the following dharani or long mantra, which is a summary of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras, in a proper way:


and after that say the mantra as much as you can without the Tayata: Tadyatha (Pron. Tayatá )


As you are reciting this Mantra think of the virtues of the Buddha, all the time,

with an unwavering mind.

In this mood of devotion do the Japa or repetition of his name and say the Dharani, and as you say this, imagine this happening:

From the body of the Guide Supreme

Rainbow lights of transcending wisdom

stream, in a great manifestation of glory:

and by these rays

the sins and failings of all men

are cleansed and clear.

..then seeing his earth-touching pose

So, seeing the virtues of the Path of Mahayana,

and praying that these may arise in all men's hearts,

think of the non-returning Path of the Buddhas, and how

they witnessed to their Enlightenment with the Bhumi Sparsha mudra.

... meditate silently on this.

From time to time make offerings of rice on the Mandala,

saying verses. Sing the Praises of the Lord:

Skilled in wisdom and method

is the Buddha born of the Sakya Race

by others undefeated

but himself the defeater of the hosts

of Mara, the deluder.

Like a heap of gold is your body

O King of the Sakyas,

at your feet I bow.

In the Sermons of the Buddha called the "White Lotus of Pity", "The Vast Dharma" ; and various others, the names and signs of the Buddha are enumerated (108): think of these. Share the root of merit in all these Scriptures, that all men may attain enlightenment, and continiue to repeat the Prayer to Lord Buddha, as we have shown it here.

Remember how the Buddha releases us from the states of suffering, and keep him in your mind all the day... whether going outside; in the house, at your tasks; while sleeping or sitting.

At night, really see him radiating lights in all directions, our Guide; Bhagawan.

In the daytime, see him clearly as if on a beautiful cloudless day. As the day dawns and all the day,

remember how in the past the Enlightenment Thought arose in the Sakyamuni.

Think too of the way all the Buddhas and Maha Bodhisattvas of old lived practising the perfections,

until liberation was reached. Follow in their footsteps.

Think again of the Bodhisattva Vow, act without weakness, and follow the way of the Bodhisattvas.

Then practice silent meditation, both Samatha (concentration) and Vipassana (formless).. in our tradition called Zhi-Nes and Lhagtong, according to the Mahamudra teaching.

Think that you have really recived all the Daljor or good opportunities.. leaving unfavourable conditions behind.

In this way, having merely heard His Sacred Name, so it is said in the Sutras, we can stage by stage reach the great Enlightenment, the irreversible stage.

All the Buddhas have been born out of the great Mantra of the Sakyamuni... the dharani.

Even the King of the Sakyas became Buddha by means of this; by its power.

Even Chenrezi by this long Mantra became the Supreme Bodhisattva.

Only by listening to this Mantra great merit (punya) arises, and even if you make no effort,

all Karmic stains are purified.

If one really uses this Mantra, all you wish for will be accomplished without obstacles or mental disturbance: so it is said in the Books of the Perfection of Wisdom.

The Buddha Sakyamuni himself said that the sins you have committed during hundreds of thousands of Kalpas of time are cleansed by saying this Mantra even once... the benefits and virtues of this practice are indescribable.

Such is the Sacred quality of this Mantra which is the very heart-essence of the Tathagata

the Buddha Sakyamuni himself. You can read in other books how to combine this Mantra with meditation.

This text was written by Mipham Rinpoche (Jamyang Gyatso) in the first month of the Tibetan Buddhist New Year in his hermitage, about 120 years ago.

It was translated into English during the Retreat of the Rains, 1974, in the green Valley of Rice, Sikkim, in the Dharma Chakra Centre, by Sister Palmo (Gelongma Karma Khechog Palmo), aided by the explanations of Ven. Thrangu Rinpoche, the Abbot.

It is offered in devotion at the sacred lotus feet of their Tsawi Lama, His Holiness Gyalwa Karmapa CVI, Rangjung Rikpi Dorje, on the eve of his first historic visit to the Western world, with the prayer that this Jewel Cave of matchless beauty may be able to benefit English Buddhists and seekers, and from them reach the other European language areas.



As of old, the illumed mind of the Buddhas

and of their spiritual sons, the Bodhisattvas

emerged by the saying of this prayer:

So may it arise in us.

May their sacred Knowledge

their tender love and skill in method

bring the higest realisation.

Like a miracle

and may all men

on this very way, the Only Path,

attain Buddhanood.

(This was written by Mipham Rinpoche)

In a glory of golden light

is the Saviour Supreme

called Sakymuni, Sage of the Sakyas.

You are my only Guide, and

I am your only child.

If at this time with devotion

I make this fervent prayer

Do not forget your ancient promise:

Look on me with your eye of mercy.