Beyond the bounds of thought is the bliss-void of the Buddhas:

The Four Spheres are full of the emanations of its divine play

Emerge from it, without fail, you who have realised the Heavenly Enjoyment

Delighting our hearts, O Mother.

From my very heart I am remembering you:

of your great love

keep me in union with you.


In the Ogmin Heaven, you are the Mother of the Buddhas

simultaneously arising, aways with them.

You are the Dakini, born of the twenty four

sacred places of pilgrimage.

Covering the earth, you are the Karma Mudra Mother,

the living helper:

To me, the yogi, you are the Venerated One in

whom I take refuge.


You show your very nature as the void itself

From the peerless Vajra you are born, the essence


Like a reflection in the form of the Angry One, I saw you

Now show yourself to me smiling, moving like a virgin girl.


However much I try to search, I cannot find you:

You are beyond, the Absolute Truth.

Tired is that one who thinks of you in his mind:

Away from all concepts, let me rest in the solitude

of a forest hermitage.


Come now from the sphere of the dakinis.

In the book called "Sri Heruka, King of the Tantra"

it says you are the Queen of the Vajra;

Nearest, the special heart of the teaching.

Even by saying the paryers we can attain to you:

O do as those words of truth have said.


To the lonely forests of Odiyan, you took the master of attainment spiritual,

The Dorje Drilbupa: him you kept

In union with you, in ever smiling bliss.

Lead me also to the Khachod Field, and

keep me with you.


Revered Kusali who lived near the Ganges,

You took with you without doubt to the

sphere of the skies.

Honoured Naro, the yogi, you led in the same way.

Me also take with you, and show me the ecstasy

of the Khachod land.


By the merciful heart of all the lamas

of our line

May the final truth of the great tradition of the Tantra

be shown to me.

By the power of this pure yoga of mine,

May I see here and now the joyful face

of the Khachod Mother.

 Translated in Dalhousie in 1967, by Gelongma Karma Khechog Palmo with the help of (the late) Thutop Tulku, and offered to His Holiness Sakya Trizin for the benefit of all that lives, in thanksgiving for the teaching whose illimitable worth is beyond jewels.

Originally published by: Karma Rigdol Publications, 5711 Latona Ave N.E. Seattle, Washington 98105, U.S.A. Authorized by His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa.. Reprinted by Karma Rigdol Publications, P.O.Box 15438, Cape Town 8018. and Karma Tengay Ling [San Mateo]. This extext published by MAITRI.