We are extremely fortunate, in this day and age, that in the midst of mass confusion of the materialistic conditions, excellent Teachings are constantly becoming available. For the past 40 years [ since 1965] I have been using the Tarot published by The Church of Light, known as The Egyptian Tarot, with corresponding texts by C.C. Zain. In this system, each of the Major Arcana, corresponds to one of the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, the Alpha Beit,  [or Beth].


            This makes it possible to create deep links between the Tarot and the Kabbalah. More recently, Mark Filipas,  has revealed that:


The Tarot of Marseilles bears a demonstrable parallel to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, in that its allegorical subjects can be found in alphabetical order within the medieval Hebrew lexicon.”


See: Mark Filipas, The Trumps and the Hebrew Alphabet. Available online at:


This has meant that a bridge is now created between the Marseilles Tarot, the the more recently revealed Egyptian deck.


The revelations continue, with the excellent book,  The Oracle of the Kabbalah, by  Richard, Siedman, who writes, in his Indtroduction:


“…I became intrigued by folklore and mystical teachings regarding the Hebrew alphabet. As I learned more, many of my long-term interests found a focus in the Aleph Beit. For each letter is an archetype and each letter is a koan and each letter is a dream and each letter is a poem.”


Richard, Siedman, The Oracle of the Kabbalah, Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press, New York,  2001, p. xvi.


By association each of the 22 Arcana of the Sacred Tarot, is also an archetype, a koan, a dream and a poem.


Samten de Wet


The Oracle of Kabbalah - Mystical Teachings of the Hebrew Letters

A book and card set by Richard Seidman, exploring the spiritual meaning of the Hebrew alphabet.