-  Lilybeard –


One thousand nine hundred and seventy years ago, time and space intersected to form a cross, and it was upon this Cross, the ancient symbol of matter, that Our Lord, Jesus the Christ was crucified. And yet the image of "the scourged and bleeding Christ" to quote Peter Weiss’s Marat/Sade, is by no means the apex or Cosmic Destiny of the White Lamb of God, the Divine Spirit. Existence is not a brief journey from the "womb to the tomb" images so beloved of Samuel Beckett, as Christ unveils the secrets of Resurrection and Ascension, proclaiming through Love find Peace that "I am the Resurrection and the Light.: The mystery, the grand delusion that enslaved mankind is over. Esoteric occult truth is no longer the monopoly of the elect few. At this point in humanity’s evolution there is an urgent need to disseminate Truth rapidly. And thus the Sacred Tarot reappears publicly, the veil is lifted and we embark on the Royal Path of Life,


     To the ancient Egyptians the two, hieroglyphs Tar and Ro meant Royal Path. The great highway of the soul is through Homo Sapiens, or Homo Novis if we wish to anticipate the full dawn of the Aquarian Age, the  Age of Wisdom.


     When in possession of the Sacred Tarot, the neophyte (be ye Christian or what you will.) has physically a deck of seventy eighth cards but conceptually he holds the Key to the Universe.


     There are twelve signs of the Zodiac, twelve Cosmic symbols representing twelve embryonic states of consciousness within us, twelve disciples and twelve cards of the Tarot, Add to these the ten planets,, ten cards, ten pyscho-spiritual concepts and we have the 22 Major Trumps of the Tarot. 22 Egyptian, Hebrew and English letters, musical tones, colours, biblical concepts, alchemical procedures, occult sciences etc.

With this ancient computer all knowledge illuminates, equations of Einstein, symphonies , spiritual tracts and the wisdom of the ages.


     The symbolic cycles in the life of Christ are those of the universe. The immaculate conception symbolized by Card 2, Veiled Isis. Isis gave birth to Horus the Sun God Immaculately, Jesus Krishna and Horus incarnated upon this earth at midnight. Isis instead of the baby Jesus has the New Moon in her arms. Death and Transfiguration are ceaselessly creating structures in Heaven and Earth. Jesus Christ dies upon the Cross of Matter, enters the tomb (tombs and subterranean dominated by the planet Pluto), God of the Underworld)., germinates and rises clad in the dazzling purity of white, undergoes a period of Regeneration and Ascends in full consciousness from the Earth.


      One can understand why the Tarot is called sacred! The Bible itself is a wealth of astrological detail. The Books of Revelation and Ezekiel are almost closed to those who are not in possession of the Key – the Tarot. Card 10 is the Wheel of Ezekiel which doubled to Card 20 is the Sarcophagus, where the Wheel of Fortune is broken and Resurrection occurs. Satan, is represented by Saturn, Card 15, The Black Magician. Judas Iscariot who betrayed Christ is portrayed by the Martyr Card 12, hanging by his feet. Death is Aries, Card 13 more commonly referred to as Transformation. And so on.


     Through the infinite expansion of consciousness we can imprint these Cosmic symbols and reveal the Universal process behind all thought and action. The planetary influences are within us, the microcosmos. Jesus incarnated upon this earth to reveal the Macrocosmos, the Divine Father within us all.


Or as the famous Hermetic axiom embedded within the Lords Prayer:


Thy Kingdom Come,

Thy Will be done



The Tarot teaches the seeker to look within as well as without for the Christos Light that permeates the entire Universe.